When I found myself 7 months pregnant, living in france without a strong grasp of the language, my husband and I decided that we could use some English-speaking support for our upcoming birth, and this is how we found Morgane.

Initially, we saw how far away she was and thought that there was no way that she would be willing to travel such a long distance to help us, but when we reached out we were delighted and surprised when she offered to be our doula.

She offered to be on-call support for us, to answer any questions we had in the weeks and days leading up to the birth, and assured us that when I went into labor thatt she would be able to make the trip to be with us, despite her busy schedule and family.

As it turned out, things did not go as planned and i ended up having a C-section, so did not require assistance with the natural birth. But Morgane was communicating with my husband and I up to the surgery and after, providing incredible helpful professional and emotionnal support.

She made the long journey to visit us shortly after the birth and was an incredible source of information, knowledge and instruction. She brought a number of baby wraps to demonstrate the proper use, answered our many questions about caring for a new born, gifted our infant daughter with a sweet toy and brought a homemade pastry to share. She was thoughtful and kind and help me to work out some of my negative feelings around having a C-section.a

In addition to her knowledge as a doula, Morgane is full of warmth and humour. Her English is impeccable and she made us feel so cared for. I a country where we know very few people and have no family, she provided us with something priceless. The feeling of having a generous family member who was a text or phone call away. i would recommend her to anyone seeking a doula here in France.