Témoignage de Malgorzata, accompagnement à la naissance de son premier enfant

Malgorzata, planned homebirth and welcoming changes

When preparing for the homebirth of my dreams it was clear to me that I wanted a Doula to attend it. As a professional nanny i knew that it was important to get a professional support at the right time but it wasn't until  later that I learned why.

I was lucky to find morgane through recommendation. We got to know each other better after the first couple of meetings and had plenty of time to discuss my plans, choices, expectations, experiences, fears regarding pregnancy and giving birth.

Even though I felt well informed about different aspects of the beautiful process of becoming a mother, first meetings with my doula allowed me to broaden my perspective, learn more about the medical procedures and relax, knowing that the safe space to discuss my concerns, doubts or questions was created. It was very important to me that I was listened to with full understanding ans without any judgements. Although I didn't know Morgane for a long time it felt very good to share my excitement and to be inspired to reflect in my future parenthood.

My doula offered and organized some lovely activities (belly painting with henna, pregnancy massage, rebozo practices) and lend me some baby equipment. That was very helpful as in order to give birth at home with the right midwife, one month before my due date I moved to a rented house, 300 km away from where I live. I must admit that those special moments of final preparation  and waiting for my baby to emerge happened to be quite challenging. The extreme summer heat, a sudden accident for my midwife, the second one being unavailable for 2 days, and going over my due date being the most challenging. The support I got from Morgane over that period is invaluable. She was checking on me and my husband regularly while remaining fully respectful of our privacy.

When I reached the 42nd week of pregnancy, according to legal rules, giving birth at  home with my midwife was not possible anymore.

The scenario that I was most afraid of was about to happen. I had to not only face my fear of going to the hospital but also go through medical procedure (3 days of inducing labour). Having things written down and discussed with morgane helped a lot. I was very lucky because I knew that I will get any kind of suport i would need. My doula made me feel very comfortable to express my deepest thoughts and needs at those tough moments. Morgane stood by my side in the most kind, empathetic ans wise way, what allowed me to focuson the most important things: connecting with my baby and remaining in the bubble with my husband.Her presence during the labour  helped me very much on the practical level as well (translating as I don't speak french, making sure I drink and eat what I planned to, massaging my back and breathing just to mention a few).

Morgane provided me and my new family with the professsional care before, during and after the birth, this continuous support truly helped us to find joy during even the most difficult moments. I will always treasure this experience of the beautiful and magical transition to motherhood. I am also grateful to my very special doula Morgane for the help to make most of it.